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Angers (F - Maine et Loire) - Porte des Champs


Slits. The analyzis of slits was extended to over 70 towers and other buildings of 10 French fortified castes, so among others the castles of Angers (photo), Coucy, Loches, Gisors, Dourdan and some others with a paragon function within European castle building. See details in Slits Database ....




Shooting trial with a breastplate.

BINSY was involved in a shooting trial. Shooters shot against a cuirass with the longbow, the crossbow and the gun. First results here Aktuelles (German only).



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Usability of slits. BINSY did shooting trials with a medieval long bow and crossbow in the several castles in Alsace and in Palatine.
Could the slits be used by bow men effectively for the defence of the castle? Were the bow men secure behind their slits in the embrasure? Read more here.
Publications regarding that research you can find in number 2-2010 of the professional magazine ARX (Südtiroler Burgeninstitut) and in magazine 1-2011 in “Burgen & Schlösser” (Deutsche Burgenvereinigung).
New: Shooting Trials at Burg Neuleiningen - results can be read within "Aktuelles" (German only)!

Additional and permanently enhanced on BINSY webpage:
» Slits Database «
With many photos, information and measures. For access click here.


Air photo of Moniga del Garda from the South (binsy) - click here fro more info ...


Ricetti (shelter castles in the Valtenesi)

BINSY explored in cooperation with Thomas Bitterli a special type of castles not existing north of the Alps but rather common in Italy: castelli ricetti – shelter castles, built by the population for protection of life and goods in case of aggressions. Research results in magazine 4 - 2010 of „Burgen & Schlösser“ (professional magazine of the „Deutsche Burgenvereinigung“) – and at the same time with more than 100 additional photos here in BINSY as well.


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Wolfgang Czysz. Burg Mangoldstein in Donauwörth. Likias Verlag, Friedberg, 2011.

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Joachim Dittrich. Burg Hohenberg an der Wern. Verlag J.H. Röll, Dettelbach, 2010.

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G. Ulrich Großmann. Renaissance-schlösser in Hessen. Verlag Schnell und Steiner, Regensburg, 2010.

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Hrsg. Wartburggesellschaft.

Forschungen zu Burgen und Schlössern, Band 13. The new book in the series of up-to-date castle research reports has been published within Deutscher Kunstverlag.

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More reviews you can find in „Book Review“ and especially in “Downloads”...




Cranequin for Crossbow delivered. The needed cranequin for the heavy gothic crossbow is at BINSY's now - thanks to crossbow expert Ingo Lison and his Armbrust Manufaktur. Photos in the category Experimental Archaeology.....



New category at BINSY. Because of the various activities around experimental archaeology there is a new separate category at the BINSY page. Please use the menue button on the left or

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BINSY and air archaeology. BINSY is now able to do fly and explore castle from the air. Especially the inaccessible levels and towers. For that reason a DJI Phantom 2 Vision quadrocopter was purchased. That copter is able to take high definition photo and videos. Service requests can be directed to BINSY. Examples for videos / photos here:

Hardenberg 1   /   Hardenberg 2




50-year anniversary of Südtiroler Burgeninstitut. On the occasion of the 50-year foundation of SBI a memorial publication with over 30 scientific essays was released.

Rüdiger Bernges / BINSY had the honour as well to publish an essay in that illustrious circle of renowned European castle scientists and researchers (practical use of slits and embrasures ). ISBN 978-3-7030-0838-2, Universitätsverlag Wagner Innsbruck, 39,90 Euro.




Inspection of Krötenstuhl a. Wachtfels

Interesting findings and new discoveries has arisen from inspection of the area in the south of Wegelnburg Castle in Southwest-Palatine. By this occasion BINSY created a new platform for publishing scientific oriented reports at the web.

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At Kirkeler Gewandhaus you can get inexpensive, high quality, taylor-made authentical medieval robes from different epochs.

You can order regarding your personal wishes or  after personal consultation  based on original medieva sources.

Contact: AQuiS GmbH, Dr. Christel Bernard, Goethestraße 58, D-66459 Kirkel, T.: +496849-9019-33,

email: christel.bernard@saarpfalz-kreis.de


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Shield in fight quality with the coat of arms of the Earls of Berg, early 13th century.


Authentic Reproduction. BINSY is active in the area of authentic reproductions and manufacturing processes as well. Involved are shields, pavise shields and scabbards. There are only a few craftsmen in Europe using exclusively original templates and authentic materials. One of those is Daniel Millius from Andlau in Alsace. He manufactures on demand the requested kind of shield with the coat of arms of your choice.
For getting an overview of his shields and scabbards and for contact simply click on the shield above.


BINSY is member of the "Deutsche Burgenvereinigung e.V."